Thursday, August 15, 2013

Everything's Super!

Since returning from Hawaii, I had been looking pretty heavily for new jobs.  I began reaching out to past contacts to see if they had any openings or if they knew of any where that was hiring.  Karmen from Solutionreach was excited I had called.  She said a business development position had opened up and she had thought of me for the job.  I was pumped and maybe a little bit too excited.  I was talking on the phone about it at Steven's Henager in the break room, I now know that was a terrible idea.  Word got back around to my supervisor and we had a little chat.  I told him upfront since I was put on my "Personal Improvement Plan" that I had been looking but didn't have anything set in stone at this point.  He was good about it but was baffled I would talk about it at work.  Point taken.  As it turns out, I didn't end up getting the business development position because I still did not have enough work experience.  However, they said they would love to look at me for a Customer Support position with the intent of working up.  I had held back in the past because it would have been a substantial pay decrease.  Although, by this time I was ready to consider the possibility but not before I tried a few other places.  I was also heavily considering SEO as a possibility.  Haley's sister, Stephanie, worked there and really enjoyed it and seemed to be doing well.  Things were finally starting to look good with the jobs. However,  Mike could tell I needed a little boost with the recent decline for the business development position.  He took me out for a night at the cinemas.  But before sitting down to see In Time- we went to Wendy's and bought our combo meals to sneak into the theater.  Nailed it.  In Time was an interesting plot where instead of being paid in money you were paid in time.  Hence, the wealthy lived much longer than the poor people.  It was a pretty good movie.

Sunday, February 5th, was the day many American's look forward to in anticipation.  You guessed it, Super Bowl Sunday.  We would also be celebrating Jon's birthday since it was the first Sunday of the month.  Mike and I were able to find a sweet toboggan sled for $3 at the D.I..  We brought it over to the house and had it sitting in the front room.  Our mistake.  The kids quickly found it and were all trying to ride it down the stairs.  It was pretty hilarious- but maybe not the safest thing.  Anyways, back to the Super bowl.  Mike and I are not too into watching football, yet it is still a good time with good food and funny advertisements.  In fact, at the Hill residence it is known as an "Advertising" party.  Although, some get pretty into the football.  We couldn't go completely unprepared so we did a little research that morning to find out which time was the underdog.  According to our quick study, we determined the Giant's were the underdog and hence our team of choice.  As it turns out, we selected well for they were crowned the champions.  It was pretty super!  

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Missionary Moment!

 A few months back, the Skokos's had started teaching Talia.  She was about my age and had two kids, Jasmine, age five, and a little boy who was two.  The Skokos's met Talia because the kids dad, Kevin, was living in the ward boundaries and was also making an effort to come back to church.  They were dating at the time and trying to see if they could make it work between the two of them. The Skokos's wanted to help her feel more comfortable in the ward and have more friends, so they asked us if we could help.  It was a great missionary moment which fell into our lap.  Some time in January, Mike and I were able to go with the missionaries to join the lesson.  They asked me to teach her about tithing.  It is amazing how the Spirit can work on people and they are willing to change their lives for the gospel.  She had no hesitations paying tithing.  At this point, she had a baptism date already set for February 4th and you could tell she was ready.  She was willing to do anything the missionaries asked her to do, without any hesitations.  Crazy enough, her sister had also independently decided she was wanting to take the discussions as well and she too was going to be baptized.

On February 4th, the date had arrived to be baptized.  Mike was asked to give a talk on baptism.  He did well, as always. Talia entered the waters of baptism.  As her daughter would report in primary the next day her mom held Stephen's hand, she plugged her nose, and then came up and got in some new clothes.  Everybody laughed and thought it was so cute.  She is a funny and animated little girl.  It was a really neat experience to be a part of and we were able to make some new friends.  Later we went out to pizza with the Skokos's, Kevin, Talia, and they kids.  Kevin was trying to convince us to dine and dash.  We all just laughed.  Turns out he had already paid the tab without us knowing.  It was very thoughtful of him.  Later that night, we watched Crazy, Stupid, Love.  A little inappropriate but had some funny parts.  Nevertheless, the day as a whole was rather fulfilling and I'm not just talking about the pizza.