Thursday, January 30, 2014

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make me a Match!

It has been on my bucket years to be a matchmaker.  Not simply where they have a good time and could possibly go on a couple of dates.  My goal is to get two people hitched!  The only problem is I'm not very good at it.  Usually my criteria is along the lines of they are both single, friends with us, and pretty cool person so they must work out.  One weekend we decided to give it a go and set up two of our college friends on a date.  I had a good friend, Britney, who had just gotten back from a mission and was looking for love.  Mike had an old buddy, Mark, who had played the field many times over and wouldn't mind settling down. We briefed our pals, told them we would double date, and it was scheduled.

Mike and I were in charge of the planning.  After throwing around several ideas we nailed down a final plan.  We were going to go to Cafe Rio, the Nickle Arcade, and then play it by ear.  Mark arrived at our place and we hopped in the car to retrieve Britney.  After knocking for several minutes and getting no response, Mark came looking for help.  I called Britney and out she came.  Off to a strong start, we were now officially ready to party.  On the drive over to Cafe Rio, Mike and I decided we would further educate our friends about their date.  Mike started out by taking the liberty of sharing all of Mark's fine qualities with Britney and then I followed suite.  Yup, we know how to make it real awkward.

Despite our attempts at awkwardness, the dinner went rather smoothly.  Brit spent a few minutes chatting with old acquaintances and then they continued to get to know one another better.  After doing the small talk thing for a bit, it was time to have some real fun.  We spiced it up at the Nicklecade.  We went around trying various games.  Brit and I found we had a particular liking for Deal or No Deal.  Our highest win was at $750,000! Unfortunately, it was only paid out in tickets.  Fortunately for us we were able to get some sweet prizes, aka mustaches and candy!  After all our nickles were spent, and our prizes claimed, we decided to go to Britney's house to play a little tennis.  It was a fun evening, nevertheless, love was not to be found.  Brit was maybe still slightly awkward from just returning from the mission and Mark was leaving for Jackson Hole the next day. Oh well.

Even though love didn't work out for them, later that weekend we were able to find a different kind of love.  We met Ryan and Kenzie at City Creek.  Ryan was able to convince Mike to finally purchase a pair of Salomon shorts that he had been eyeing for a while now.  Ryan also purchased a pair.  For many upcoming adventures, we would see the boys in their matching Salomon shorts.  A pair of shorts worthy of love.