Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cabin Getaway!

*Not Actual Cabin*
 Druanne, one of my college roommates, had planned a getaway to her cabin just above Cedar City.  As always, Mike and I jumped on the bandwagon.  Some of the other roommates were invited but were unable to attend.  We drove up late and were given instructions on how to get there.  Cell reception was very poor and the directions were mainly based on landmarks.  So Dru and Landon, Dru's fiance at the time, were going to meet us at a particular gate and take us the rest of the way in.  After driving for some time and not connecting with them we began to doubt ourselves.  We kept pursuing, nevertheless, and were able to spot the razor headlights to take us to the cabin getaway.

The cabin was owned by Dru's extended family.  In fact, they own three cabins in the area and lots, and lots of land.  Turns out posterity benefits from ancestors who decided to settle an area.  Lucky ducks!  Anyways, her aunt had set up a hunt in the surrounding trees.  Cat eyes, aka red reflectors, were placed on the trees.  By flashing a light onto the reflectors you had found your next searching spot.  The hunt continued until you made your way back to the cabin. What we weren't expecting was to find a real animal.  Whether it was a cougar, a fox, or a deer we will never know.  But we saw something in those woods that night.  To top off the night, we turned on the incredible green monster, known as the Hulk.  

The next day we lived it up.  Landon had packed up quite a collection of guns.  Mike couldn't have been more pleased.  They spent an hour or so in the morning shooting off guns.  One shot in particular made the boys smile, the bullet had spliced a huge piece of wood proving how powerful the shots were.  We then hopped on the razors and cruised around the local area.  We drove to a lookout spot where we were able to overlook Zion's National Park.  It was really neat to see it from this view.  We then went to a small pond where we could catch frogs.  Mike was an expert frog catcher.  I, on the other hand, struggled to catch one.  I would get so close and then get panicky to grab it at the last second giving the frog a chance to get away.  Mike tried teaching me a technique where you could swat the frog onto dry ground thus giving yourself a better opportunity as the frog was not in it's comfort zone.  I tried the technique and with my luck the frog disappeared into some brush.  The others were kind enough to let me hold their frogs.  They even tried racing the frogs at one point.  Yes, you could say we are easily entertained.

Later in the day, Dru's uncle, a friend, and a couple of her cousins came up.  They took us on a long four wheeler adventure to see their property lines and to check out more of the area.  We drove around a lake for a bit and ended up pretty dusty!  We thought there was no better way to get cleaned off then jumping in the frog infested lake.  We made our way back to the lake and after some convincing, Dru and I jumped in together.  Thankfully, we had the men to pull us out so we didn't have to walk along the bottom of the pond.  It was time to shower and get cleaned up and get our tin foil dinners cooking.  Little did we know, we were going to meet a celebrity of the news in connection with the presidential election.  Her name, Nanette Billings.  It was Dru's cousin's mother-in-law who had just stopped by to say hello to their daughter at the cabin.  Now for a little bit of background.  Nanette's husband, Willie, was the Washington County Republican Party Chairman.  As such, he was going to meet with Fred Karger, an openly gay presidential candidate.  He had come to Utah to try to get local Republican leaders and the church to stop funding efforts against gay marriage.  Willie's meeting went rather well and Karger sent him home with some campaign paraphernalia.  Well, this did not go well with Mrs. Billings.  She threw the paraphernalia away and wrote an email to Mr. Karger calling him a radical idiot and saying "thank goodness he can't procreate."  Needless to say, the press was notified and she became headline news.  Not one of the brightest moments, but it was rather entertaining to listen to her side of the story.  

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